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Luciana Morelli • WORDS of the WIND
Releases on June 7th on Habitable Records

  Luciana Morelli has integrated with mastery and versatility her facets of performer, composer and arranger in her eclectic new album "Words of the wind", in which she presents music for different ensembles, from the traditional jazz quintet to the rather unusual combination - in the field of jazz - of voice and string quartet or viola and vocal ensemble. The words of the female poets Emily Brontë, Alejandra Pizarnik, Anne Carson and Robin Myers take flight and find their musical expression in the voice and compositions of the singer.
Luciana blends storytelling, poetry, and harmonies into a colourful palette of jazz and her native Argentinian roots, expressing a poetics that is personal and distinctive.
The album releases on June 7th 2024 on Habitable Records. For the occasion, Luciana plans a tour to present the album specially re-arranged for her quintet "Luciana Morelli group" with Philipp Hillebrand (clarinets), Mauricio Silva Orendain (piano), Snejana Prodanova (double bass) and Paulo Almeida (drums)

Luciana Morelli

The abysmal, the water (2021)

ears & eyes records


Own songs - contemporary jazz / folklore

Luciana Morelli: voice and composition
Philipp Hillebrand: clarinet and bass clarinet
Mauricio Silva Orendain: piano
Sebastián de Urquiza: double bass
Paulo Almeida: drums

Luciana Morelli

Ideo sessions (2019)

Jazz standards and bossa nova

Luciana Morelli: voice
Ernesto Amstein: piano
Julian Mekler: double bass
Pedro Ahets Etcheberry: drums
Juan Filipelli: guitar

Tapa_Lo abismal.jpg
all things new.jpg

Luciana Morelli quintet

Mandala (2014)


Jazz standards and own compositions


Luciana Morelli: voice and composition
Diego Uriarte: sax
Martín Ameconi: piano
Santiago Lamisovski: double bass
Guillermo Harriague: drums
Juan Filipelli: guest on guitar



Una mina de fiar (2015)



Marcelo Huertas: piano and arrangements
Luciana Morelli: voice
Diego Braconi: bandoneon
Fernando Codazzi: bass
Ariel Chisleanschi: drums

Captura de pantalla 2020-11-06 a la(s) 1


Migrations (2016)

Voice and backgrounds in

"Pocket of Time"


Captura de pantalla 2020-11-06 a la(s) 1

Gabriela mazzeo

Centerpiece (2017)

Background vocals


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