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W o r d s   o f   t h e   w i n d

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Recorded at the Jazzcampus, Basel, 2023

Recording engineer: Daniel Somaroo and Francesca Gaza

Track 4 recorded by Raphaël Rossé and Luciana Morelli

Mixing engineer: Daniel Somaroo

Produced by Luciana Morelli

Photos by Luciana Morelli

All songs composed byLuciana Morelli

on poems by Emily Brontë, Anne Carson and Robin Myers

except Rincon composed by David Binney and

The night is darkening around me composed by Lisette Spinnler

arranged by Luciana Morelli

Luciana Morelli voice in all tracks except 4

Fall, leaves, fall

Philipp Hillebrand - bass clarinet
Mauricio Silva Orendain - piano
Snejana Prodanova - double bass
Paulo Almeida - drums
Silent is the house and Rincon

Claire Antunes Sierra - violin
Marie Morgane Sécula - violin
Yi Lu - viola
Idil Dogan - cello

Town on the way through God's woods

Ana Čop, Patricija Škof, Charline Crevoisier, Maria von Ruette, Isabel Richiusa, Camille Burkhard, Alice Auclair - voice
Angela Medina - viola

The night is darkening around me

Sebastián Greschuck - trumpet

Yossi Itzkovich - trombone

Patrick Joray - tenor sax

Alexandre Cahen - piano

Michał Skwierczyński - guitar

Thomas Fuller - doble bass

Yosuke Doki - drums


Alfred Zimmerlin - cello and voice
Andrea Neumann - inside piano and voice
Christian Moser - oud and voice

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