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Luciana Morelli group
main project - singer/composer

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Luciana Morelli: vocals and composition

Philipp Hillebrand: clarinets 

Mauricio Silva Orendain: piano

Snejana Prodanova: doublebass and backing vocals

Paulo Almeida: drums

LISTEN (2022, 2023)
interactive sound sound installation


LISTEN is an interactive sound installation that represents the city of Basel through sounds that were recorded in different neighborhoods by the artists. The visitors can choose which sounds to play and thus become the co-composers of an open work that will be different each time. Through this experience, the audience is invited to listen to the city in a different way.

It was premiered at the KHaus, Basel during the BScene Festival 2022. And it was presented for a second time at the SPIEL! Game Theory Congress organized by the Musik Akademie Basel in January 2023.

In a way the world is a huge composition, a huge musical composition that's going on all the time, without a beginning and presumably without an ending. We are the composers of this huge miraculous composition that is going on around us. And we can improve it or we can destroy it. We can add more noises or we can add more beautiful sounds. That's all up to us.


                                             Raymond Murray Shaffer

Protect me from what I want (2021)
video performance


Protect me from what I want 

Jenny Holzer

Protect me from what I want is a video performance organized in four episodes that combines improvised and experimental music with performance art to criticize the contemporary society.

Episode I: The expulsion of the other / Episode II: Privacy policies / Episode III: The rules or After the "Story" / Episode IV: It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism

Performers: Cristina Arcos Cano Lea Sobre Snejana Prodanova Daniel Somarooo Luciana Morelli (idea and direction)

Coach: Alfred Zimmerlin

Video by Michael Chylewski. Assistant: Marius Cuendet.

Recorded by Francesca Gaza and Raphael Rossé at Jazzcampus, Basel.

Mixed by Francesca Gaza and Daniel Somaroo.

SUYAY (2020 *)
music for theater piece

Captura de pantalla 2021-11-03 a la(s) 15.11.47.png

Gringita waits for Suyay in the stable,

at nap time. 

Today is no longer like yesterday. 

Suyay's days are not the same, since some things changed in her body and in her home.

Gringita waits, the siesta progresses and the heat too.

Actrice: Agustina Groba

Original music: Luciana Morelli

Direction Assistance: Julia Odelli Craig

Dramaturgy and direction: Pilar Ruiz

LandScopes (2021)
Sound installation


A sound installation by Marie-Louise Schneider and Luciana Morelli

Musik Akademie, Basel May 2021

Jazz at the movies (2015 - 2020)


Audiovisual show of Jazz standards that where part of the soundtrack of different movies. 

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