"Lo abismal, el agua" ALBUM OF THE WEEK

The listening guide - NQ Jazz (Inglaterra)

Jazz am Sunntig - Radio Rabe (Suiza)

Meritorious and solid work by Luciana Morelli, who in her double role of singer and composer, delivers a work that is both risk and confirmation.  Beautiful songs. Talented musicians. An excellent sound and a landscape of personal experiences that cross shared territories. There where dreams, projects and legitimate ambitions dwell.

Fernando Ríos - ArgentJazz (Argentina)


(...) the massive talent on display at the hands of Morelli and her crew. If perfectly-controlled crooning backed by world class ivory-tickling in an impossibly elegant space is how Bebop celebrates a “slow night,” their bar for entry is high, indeed.

BuenosTours about Jazz at the Movies - (United States)

Good music and good cinema are combined in Jazz at the Movies. The perfect opportunity to listen to classic soundtracks again, through the voice of Luciana Morelli.

Matías Orta - A sala llena (Argentina)