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"Lo abismal, el agua" ALBUM OF THE WEEK
The listening guide - NQ Jazz (UK)

Jazz am Sunntig - Radio Rabe (Switzerland)

Selection of October 2022 

 The Disco Club (Argentina)

ArgentJazz, ARG: "Meritorious and solid work by Luciana Morelli, who in her double role of singer and composer, delivers a work that is both risk and confirmation.  Beautiful songs. Talented musicians. An excellent sound and a landscape of personal experiences that cross shared territories. There where dreams, projects and legitimate ambitions dwell". Fernando Ríos



Jazz' N' More, CH: **** "It is an illustrious and, above all, very capable international band that the Argentinian singer and composer Luciana Morelli has gathered around her for her new project". Steff Rohrbach 



Lucid Culture, USA: "...her new album Lo Abismal, El Agua (...) is astonishingly melodic, brilliant and picturesque music: Morelli likes circular riffs that she can expand on, with occasional playful descents into chaos".



New York Daily, USA: "Luciana Morelli writes poetic, tautly imaginative jazz songs in Spanish and sings in a full, mature, expressive voice...".

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