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Luciana Morelli (Buenos Aires, 1990) is a singer, composer, singing teacher and Arts Teacher (UBA). He currently lives in Switzerland where he continues to train for a master's degree in Jazz Performance (FHNW, Musik Akademie Basel).


He studied music at the Superior Institute of Popular Music of SAdeM. She took singing and improvisation classes with Luna Monti, Sandra Peralta, Guadalupe Raventos, Laura Hatton, Bárbara Togander and classes on the functional method of the voice (Rabine Method) with Marina Rama and Elisa Viladesau. He participated in the singing-jazz workshops of the Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival dictated by Roxana Amed, Christine Correa, Darmon Meader and Norma Winstone, among others. He has participated in the functional education courses of the voice dictated by the CTV and in the Fourth Conference on the Rabine Method dictated by the same professor Eugene Rabine (2010). She has been trained in dance and theater since 2004 at the San Martín Theater, the National University of Arts and the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center.


In 2012 she formed Luciana Morelli Quinteto , a group with which she recorded "Mandala" (2014), an album of her own compositions and jazz standards, and participated in the "Música en Bares Notables 2015" cycle of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires International Festival of Jazz. He was part of Tamango , a tango group with which he recorded the album "Una mina de Fiar" (2015). In 2016 he produced the show Jazz At The Movies , which was presented in different   music clubs and weekly at Bebop Club for five years, and who participated in the cycle "Música en Bares Notables 2018" and "Jazzologia" (2017, El Cultural San Martin).

In 2018 he formed the Luciana Morelli trio , together with Julia Subatin (bass) and Ernesto Amstein (piano), he screened that continued in 2019 in Switzerland with Mauricio Silva Orendain (piano) and Sebastián De Urquiza (double bass)


In 2020, the trio expanded to include Philipp Hillebrand on clarinets and Paulo Almeida on drums and form the Luciana Morelli group . Inspired by travels, paintings, old photographs, texts and dreams, Luciana presents new compositions in which jazz and Argentine roots are in constant dialogue. These compositions will be part of the new album "Lo abismal, el agua", recorded in October, which is expected to be published in 2021.

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