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About me

I am an Argentine singer, performer, teacher and composer based in Basel, Switzerland. Despite having studied jazz for many years, I also like Argentine folklore and improvised and experimental music. I am interested in the relationship between politics and aesthetics, which is why I have also studied art theory at the University of Buenos Aires where I received a degree in combined arts. I gave classes in schools and write (intermittently) about contemporary Argentine theater and cinema in different specialized magazines and websites. I also composed music for some plays. My last work was the music of Suyay (2020) , a work by Pilar Ruiz currently on the bill in Buenos Aires.

I have led some musical projects such as the Luciana Morelli quintet (2012-2015), my first project as a vocalist and composer with which I recorded my first album, "Mandala" (2014) of jazz standards and my own compositions. The project consisted of Martín Ameconi / Ernesto Amstein (p), Diego Uriarte (sx), Santiago Lamisovski (b) and Guillermo Harriague (d) with the special participation of Juan Filipelli (g). The group won the contest "Music in Notable Bars of Buenos Aires 2015" and participated in the International Jazz Festival of Buenos Aires in 2015.


Later I produced Jazz at the movies (2015-2019), an audiovisual jazz and film show with Ernesto Amstein (p), Nacho Szulga (b) and Pedro Ahets Etcheberry (d) in which we interpret original arrangements of jazz standards that They have been part of the soundtrack of classic and modern films, with videos and background images that were edited especially for the show by Jazmín Nogueira and Sabrina Caruzo. We had a stable performance since 2016 in one of the most prestigious jazz clubs in the city of Buenos Aires, Bebop Club. "Jazz at the movies" has participated in "Jazzología", a famous weekly meeting with more than 30 years of experience at the General San Martín Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, and won the contest "Music in Notable Bars of the city of Buenos Aires "in 2018. In December 2017 we toured the province of Buenos Aires where we played in cultural centers in the cities of Rauch, Tandil and at the Teatro Español in the city of Azul. We have had special guests such as Mariano Loiácono (trumpet), Andrés Hayes (saxophone) from Argentina, Lukas Kohler (trumpet), Philipp Hillebrand (clarinet) from Switzerland and Kate Ortega (vibraphone) from Colombia.

Currently, I lead Luciana Morelli group - with a new album on the way! - where I explore my Argentine roots and its connection to jazz and improvised music. The group is made up of Philipp Hillebrand (clarinet and bass clarinet), Mauricio Silva Orendain (piano), Sebastián de Urquiza / Snejana Prodanova (double bass) and Paulo Almeida (drums).

The compositions are inspired by texts, travels, paintings, photographs, dreams and different experiences related to migration and nature. Our recent recording, "The abysmal, the water" (named after the hexagram of the "I-ching, the book of mutations") will be published in May 2021 through Ears and Eyes records.

Photos by Santos Loza, Jazmín Nogueira and Laura Sánchez

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