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Interview on the floor - "Moochila" program on Radio Colmena

Before the show on June 19 at La Botica del Ángel I was a guest on the MOOCHILA program on Radio Colmena at CC Matienzo. Thanks to the radio team!

You can listen to it by clicking on this link:


Floor interview -

program "Looking for the right word" on Radio UBA

Chat with the hosts of the program about the album "Mandala". It can be heard at this link:

Other radio interviews ...

Review of the album "Mandala" in the section "New releases, new values" - April 7, 2015 - F. Ríos

- Telephone interview with Virginia Hanglin, FM La Radio (FM 92.3)

- Telephone interview with Liliana Varani, FM La Radio (FM 92.3

- Telephone interview with Carlos Baillard, FM Urquiza (FM 91.7)

- Telephone interview with Guillermo Fuentes Ray, FM Urquiza

- Telephone recording of agenda in "Muy bueno el program", hosted by Julia Bowland on Radio Nacional (AM 870)

- Interview on the floor in "One per day", FM La tribu (FM 88.7)

- Interview in a flat in "La mar en coche", FM La tribu (FM 88.7)

Mandala Luciana Morelli

With eight songs, five of them her own, Luciana Morelli is currently enjoying the launch of Mandala, her first record production. Winner with her group of the 2015 Notable Bars contest, Luciana begins her album with two standards that reached great heights in the voice of the remembered Nat King Cole and that later had countless versions. The first of them was "Nature Boy" by Eden Ahbez, an unequivocal symbol of the golden age of American song, and then "The very thought of you" by Ray Noble. There are two different approaches here that some will like and others will miss. Luciana preferred to impart a nervous rhythm to Ahbez's song, with a light scat and at times torn, while she took refuge in slow times to successfully bring to life the Noble theme, which was recently made by Paul McCartney and Tony Bennett as a duo. "Confusion", "Mandala" and "I saw that and it was a sun", all songs by Morelli respond to the same conception, with the proliferation of scat in the first choruses, the full band on the central passage and return of the singer on the end of the song, a resource that repeatedly removes surprise. The instrumental "Canción para Diego" closes the first album by Luciana Morelli, a well-endowed young singer in search of her maturity.

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Interview on the floor - "Los Notables" program on Radio Cooperativa

"Los Notables" AM 770 Radio Cooperativa.

Conductor: Leonardo Busquet
General Production: Federico Busquet

To listen to the program:

Review of the album "Mandala" by Jorge García (EL AMANTE Magazine)

The constant emergence of new figures within the national jazz is remarkable. In this case, it is the singer Luciana Morelli who, accompanied by Martín Ameconi on piano, Diego Uriarte on sax, Santiago Lamisovski on double bass and Guillermo harriague on drums, plus the presence of guitarist Juan Filipelli on a couple of songs, presents his first record. The first thing that stands out is that Morelli –who shows a very good tuning and diction and a very attractive phrasing- is the composer of some of the pieces, since this is not very frequent among jazz singers. From the beginning of the first song, the standard Nature Boy, with the duet of the singer with the bass, we realize that we are before a personal vocalist, not only in the use of the voice but also in the way of facing the arrangements, and in the use of scat, something not very frequent in these pampas, virtues that can be confirmed in the next song, The Very Thought of You. Several compositions by Morelli then continue, in which he replaces the lyrics with vocalization, and in the case of Confusión also scat, giving rise in this song, as in the next one that gives the album its title, the musicians' brilliance. Ausencia, sung in Spanish, is less satisfactory, but the program picks up again with a very good version of Footprints, by Wayne Shorter. The album ends with Canción para Diego, an instrumental song by Morelli with rock reminiscences. A very compelling debut and a vocalist to follow. Jorge Garcia.


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2/6/2015: Chat with Carlos Cerignale in Solo as a Bad Dog

Excerpt from the program in which songs from the album "Mandala" and the concert on June 6 at the Hotel Savoy are presented

8/8/2015: "Mandala" by Luciana Morelli Quintet in "Impronta de Jazz", conducted by Micky Almada .  

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